The American Poster Institute, USA :
The American Poster Institute is a non-profit corporation dedicated to furthering public awareness and appreciation of the poster art form. It is committed to supporting the community of artists creating entertainment-related posters, to fostering interaction and communication between the artists, and to constantly improving standards in the field.

FILTER, Seattle :
FILTER is a full-service creative-resources company that delivers results.
For businesses that need talent-either in-house or off-site-FILTER offers staffing services and project-management expertise for a variety of design, production and content management needs. By finding and fostering talent, FILTER offers flexible, cost-efficient solutions for producing outstanding creative and marketing content. We serve the creative industry like no one else, with a powerful combination of style, passion and matchmaking expertise.

Vérité Coffee, Seattle :
Vérité Coffee was born out of the basic ideals of coffeehouse culture where citizens, artists, writers, politicians and merchants gathered to hear the latest news, conduct business, talk politics and explore literature. Supporting the arts and independent expression in the true spirit of coffeehouse culture is core to the Vérité vision. Vérité Coffee is an independent neighborhood coffeehouse with three Seattle locations.

Cupcake Royale, Seattle :
Cupcake Royale is Seattle's original specialty cupcake bakery. They bake their cupcakes fresh from scratch each day and hand frost each one with real buttercream. And they're all natural—no oils, shortenings, or preservatives...ever! Baking with a conscience for community, Cupcake Royale donates hundreds of cupcakes to community events and organizations each month, and has boosted its green efforts with the use of local, organic ingredients and an intensive recycling and composting program.

El Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales, Havana :
The Center for the Development of the Visual Arts, created in 1989, has the main purpose of promoting contemporary fine arts. The Center organizes the National Salon of Contemporary Art and the Salons of Awarded, as well as exhibition projects aimed at the participation of Cuban artists in international events. To fulfill that purpose it has four galleries: Almacén, Zaguán, Espuela de Plata and Siglo XXI, as well as different spaces for the celebration of theoretical events. It is also in charge of the coordination and organization of exhibitions of Cuban artists abroad and of foreign artists at the Center.


AIGA Seattle :
The purpose of the AIGA is to further excellence in communication design as a broadly defined discipline, strategic tool for business and cultural force. The AIGA is the place design professionals turn to first to exchange ideas and information, participate in critical analysis and research and advance education and ethical practice.

We are AIGA's community of interest on a mission to make the world a better place through design. If you are interested in global issues in design or in getting to know top designers from all over the world including Cuba, China, Europe, India or even Zimbabwe check out our information and events at


Thank you to Kristin Knight and Sara Guizzo at Filter; Jody Hall and Jessie Martin at Vérité Coffee; Stefan Udziela, Mark Notermann and Wendy Quesinberry with AIGA Seattle; Shelly Langton and Toni O’Bryan with AIGA XCD; Pedro Contreras, Isabel Hernández Martínez and the staff at el Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales; Idania del Rio in Havana for all her help; Olimpia Sigarroa, Carolina Boler, Chelsea Bolan and John Gibson for Spanish-English translations; Sabrina Boler for our website design; Amy Baranski for PR help; Beverly Walton at Global Graphics; Bob, JoJo & everyone at One Reel; Heather and Brian at Patent Pending Press; Víctor Casaus and Héctor Villaverde at Centro Cultural Pablo De La Torriente Brau; Joaquin Badajoz and Eduardo Sarmiento with; Sara Lerner at KUOW, Risa Blythe at Girlie Press; Jason Faulkner at Society Co; Jeff Kleinsmith and the American Poster Institute.